Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Product care and general information

Can the products be washed in a dishwasher? Yes, everything that is porcelain + stoneware can be washed in the dishwasher. The ceramics should be washed by hand.

If I start collecting Krum tableware, will the colors be available well in the future? We have designed these products so that it is nice to match different colors together, and we have a color palette that gives good combinations. In the dinner plates we will keep the colors we have and produce these so above all nothing unexpected happens with the production of these. For the smaller plates, we may want to change some colors eventually, but we are always careful that new colors go well into the collection. If you want a discontinued color in the porcelain that we produce ourselves, we will be able to produce more to order against prepayment.

I find it challenging to decide on colors, can I get help? Yes, of course we will help you! Send us an email to or call us on +47 909 32 860 and we will give you good advice on which colors and products fit best together.

Can porcelain break and crack? Our porcelain burns high and is therefore very strong, but if you should be unlucky enough to lose a product, or turn it into something, it can shatter, crack or break into pieces on the surface, just like glass. In the same way as glass, porcelain can also shatter if it is exposed to large temperature fluctuations. If you treat your porcelain carefully, it will last a long time.

Porcelain has darker streaks in some places, why does this happen? Our porcelain is dyed through. This means that we mix color pigments into the porcelain material itself instead of glazing it on the outside with color. Sometimes the color will not be completely mixed and this will result in marbling in the product, especially in the darkest colors this can be prominent. We think this is a beautiful effect and a proof of high quality and craftsmanship!

I experience differences in the same color on the cups, why does this happen? There can be several reasons why there are small color shades in the same color; in the oven there may be temperature differences in relation to where the products are located, which can affect the colors somewhat. We also make our own colors, and every time we mix color pigments there can be small differences in the amounts. This is just proof that our production is manual.

I have stains on the outside of the cup, how can it be removed? The stains should come off in the dishwasher. If you have already run them in the machine, we would recommend using chlorine or baking soda.

Do the cups get hot? Our cups are sloping, so you never fill up to the brim. Then you can hold it at the top if you are going to move the cup and the drink is hot. When the drink is such that you can drink it, then you can hold on to it as well.

Will the porcelain scratch? When stacking plates or bowls, scratches may occur due to the unglazed surface rubbing against the glazed surface. To avoid scratches, we recommend stacking with felt, cloth or foam between each element. If you are worried about scratches and do not want to use felt, we recommend that you choose lighter colors.

My cup cracked - is there a complaint? The material we produce is fragile, and can also get cracks without it necessarily appear immediately if it gets a blow during use. As long as the cup has been in use, this is not something we can complain about.

Where are MENT's products produced? The vast majority of our colored porcelain is produced in our own production at Fåberg, but we have a factory in Portugal that helps us with some selected products. All our ceramics are produced in Portugal.

  • Online ordering and gifts

Can I order by phone or email? Yes you can! Call us on +47 909 32 860 or send us an email to and we will accept your order. The order is prepaid with vipps or Paypal or we send an invoice which is prepaid before the goods are sent.

How long does it take to get my order? If it is stated in the online store that we have the product in stock, then your order will be sent from us within 3 working days. If the product is listed as an order item, we produce the product continuously and send it from us within 14 working days. Our carriers spend 1-15 working days to deliver the package to you.

I'm struggling with the website, who can I contact? Then you can send us an email to and we will answer you as soon as we can, or you can call us on +47 909 32 860

I want to buy a gift, is this possible in the online store? Yes, you can buy gifts in our online store that are sent directly to the gift recipient. Then you choose the gift recipient as the delivery address and if you want us to wrap the order with gift paper, write this in the order note, and we will do it for free!

I want to change my order that has not yet been shipped, is this possible? Yes, call us on +47 909 32 860 or send an email to and we will help you!

  • Shipping and exchange of goods

How much does shipping cost in the online store? On orders over NOK 1000, there is free shipping in Norway. If the order is sent to another country, shipping will be additional.

Do you ship goods outside Norway? Yes we do. If you find that your country is not on the list in the drop-down menu where you enter your address, contact us by email to and we will calculate the shipping cost to your destination.

What do I do if my order arrives and something is broken? We pack our goods well and rarely experience deliveries being crushed, but accidents can unfortunately happen. If you experience this, contact us at with a picture of the item, and we will of course replace the product.

Can I change my order, or regret it? Yes, you can exchange the items for something else if you wish. Send us an email about this to and return the item safely to us, and we will send what you want to exchange when we have received your package. You have a 14-day right of withdrawal on orders in the online store. Fill out the right of withdrawal form and send us the package safely back. Once we have received your order in return unused and undamaged, we will cancel your purchase.

Can I exchange an item with you that was bought in another store? Yes, you can exchange the items for something else if you wish. Send us an email about this to and return the item safely to us, and we will send what you want to exchange when we have received your package with the product unused and undamaged. You are also welcome to stop by and change in our shop at Fåberg, where we have a large selection and are happy to help you!

  • Pick up in store

Can I order in the online store and pick up my order at Fåberg? Yes you can! When you are at check-out, select "pick up the item in our shop at Fåberg". You will then receive an SMS when your order is packed and ready for collection.