Soup bowl or dessert bowl in white porcelain with optional fly in the soup!

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Grazing is a collection inspired by cows on summer grazing in the Norwegian mountains and form inspiration is taken from the cows' horns and hooves. On the farm, the weeds are allowed to grow freely, and the flies buzz around the cows. The collection is therefore decorated with straw, dandelion, meadowsweet and the occasional fly has also fooled around. Grazing bowl is produced in white porcelain, and the decoration is fixed by melting it into the glaze. This means that the decor fits well, even with machine washing.

Read more about how to take care of your porcelain here.

Product details

Material and size

Material: Porcelain
Size: L 17cm / W 14cm / H 8 cm
Volume: 4.5 dl

Recommended treatment of product

The product is dishwasher safe. The porcelain is fragile and does not withstand hard blows. The material can also crack during thermal shock, ie if sudden temperature differences occur.

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