Great hanging flowerpot for your favorite plant. Hang it in the window so your plant gets plenty of light and combine several flowerpots together at different heights for a more lush expression. This flowerpot is also perfect to hang from a hook on the wall for an organic contrast to your picture frames.

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This ampel is handmade in through-dyed porcelain and glazed inside and on the outside edge with transparent glaze. It takes 7 days from the time a new traffic light is cast until it has gone through all the processes in production, including washing of edges and surfaces, raw firing, glazing and glaze firing. Read more about how to take care of your porcelain here . The wire we use for hanging is natural string and the length of the wire is approx. 50 cm. If you want to be sent extra thread, write a note about this at checkout, and we will send it in the package.

Product details

Material and size

Material: Colored porcelain
Size: W 10cm / H 16 cm

Recommended treatment of product

NB! It is important that the thread is allowed to dry up if it becomes damp, it is therefore very important that if you plant directly in the lamp, the thread should not be covered with soil. Then it will rot. Our porcelain is burned in approx. 1260 degrees and dishwasher safe, but in that case we recommend removing the string. The porcelain is fragile and does not withstand hard blows. The material can also crack during thermal shock, ie if sudden temperature differences occur.


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