bottle with wood cork

Handmade bottle in color tinted porcelain that can be used as a water carafe or as a tall and slim vase. Delivered with oak cork. We often use this in combination with Kraken kagge.

The bottle is produced in our workshop in coloured porcelain which means that we mix color powder into the material itself instead of glazing the product with color on the outside. Due to this method, you will also experience some marbleization in the material where the color is not completely mixed in the porcelain. This will be most prominent in the darkest colors. The bottle is glazed with transparent glaze inside,top edge and bottom to create a nice contrast between the glossy and matte porcelain. Our products are handmade and can therefore vary slightly in size and thickness. It takes about 5 days from when we cast a new bottle until it has undergone all the craftsmanship processes with the washing of edges, sanding surfaces, raw fire, glazing, glaze fire and finally completion where we brush the unwitly sanding surfaces with fine sanding paper. Our manufacturing process and all the handiwork this entails makes each product unique. The bottle comes with an oak cork that is adapted to the opening. The cork won't be airtight. Our porcelain is burned at 1260 degrees and dishwasher-safe. Read more about how to take care of your porcelain here.
Size: W 7 cm / H 36.5 cm Material: Through color porcelain Collection: KRAKEN Design: Sidsel Forr Hemma
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