vase with handle

Sculptural, high-rise and elegant vase with handle.

Proud vase with handle is handmade in ceramics and glazed with colored glaze on the out- and inside. It takes about 5 days for a new vase to be cast until it has gone through all processes in production with washing of edges and surfaces, raw fire, glazing and glaze fire. If you want to contain wather in the vase, we recommend attaching small furniture knobs under the produc to avoid condensation between the product and the surface on which it is placed. Ceramics are fired lower than our porcelain, and are therefore not as strong so we recommend hand washing of our ceramic products. Read more about how to take care of your ceramics here.
Size: D 21 cm / H 60 cm Material: Ceramic Collection: PROUD Design: Sidsel Forr Hemma / Grethe Myrvang
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