Handmade pitcher in colour tinted porcelain specially designed for Under Lindesnes that can be used for sauce or oil.

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MENT was the main supplier of specially designed tableware for the opening of the underwater restaurant Under at Lindesnes and the collection has been developed in collaboration with Snøhetta and Under. Our wish was to create a holistic dining experience and inspiration for the products are taken from the area around the restaurant. You can read more about this project here.

The small jug is produced in through-colored porcelain and glazed on the inside with transparent glaze. The outside is untreated and this gives a delicate, tactile surface.

It takes about 5 days from when we cast a new cup until it has gone through all the craft processes with washing of edges, sanding of surfaces, raw fire, glazing, glaze fire and finally finishing where we sand the unglazed surfaces with fine sandpaper. Our production process and all the handiwork this entails makes each product unique.

Our porcelain is fired at 1260 degrees and dishwasher-safe.

Product details

Material and size

Material: Colored porcelain
Size: W 8.5 cm / H 17 cm

Recommended treatment of product

The product is dishwasher safe. The porcelain is fragile and does not withstand hard blows. The material can also crack during thermal shock, ie if sudden temperature differences occur. Read more about how to take care of your product here .


MENT designer crockery for Under.

No restaurant is as close to nature as the underwater restaurant Under at Lindesnes. This was the main inspirator and source of material for MENT when developing the restaurant's crockery.

Read more about the process here
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