small lightbulb vase

Small, decorative hanging vase in ceramics that are shaped like a lightbulb. Great to combine with the large lightbulb vase in the same collection and in different colors. Hang it on the wall for an organic contrast along with your posters, over the dining table or in the windowsill.

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Gnist pear vase is handmade in ceramic and glazed outside and inside with matt, colored glaze. It takes 7 days from when a new pear vase is cast until it has gone through all the processes in production, including washing of edges and surfaces, raw firing, glazing and glaze firing.

The thread we use for the pear vase is string in nature and the length of the thread is approx. 50 cm. If you would like extra wire to be sent with the bulb vase, write a note about this at checkout, and we will send it in the package.

Ceramics are fired lower than our porcelain, and are therefore not as strong. We recommend hand washing of our ceramic products.

Read more about how to take care of your ceramics here.

Size: H 12 cm / D 6

Material: Ceramic

Collection: SPARK

Design: Sidsel Forr Hemma

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