Fast Company skriver:

At first sight, the new Norwegian restaurant Under seems to have sourced its tableware from a nearby shipwreck: It features cracked edges, patterns that look like the work of ocean currents, and colors that appear almost Cretacic. In reality, the 18-course tableware set was designed and produced by Ment, the ceramics company founded by two sisters, interior stylist Ingvild Hemma and product designer Sidsel Forr Hemma.

And according to Ingvild Hemma, the inspiration wasn’t a shipwreck, as I imagined it–it was nature. “It’s the texture, color, and feeling of rocks, seashells, sand, and seaweeds that is the inspiration and reference for the collection,” she says over email. “But it is all shaped and formed by the saltwater through time, so in a way you’re right!”

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