Terms of purchase

Name: MENT Styggpent AS

Email: post@ment.no

Phone : 909 32 860

Address : Elvefaret 16, 2625 Fåberg

Organization number : 998 823 137

Terms of delivery and risk

MENT (Styggpent AS) is not responsible for any delays in delivery of your goods, which are due to errors or delays at the shipping supplier. All delivery deadlines are indicative, and deviations may occur. If your shipment is delayed or lost, we will do our utmost to help you so that it can be received as quickly as possible.

If you have not received your order within 10 working days after it has been booked, please contact post@ment.no. If you presumably do not receive your goods, you will of course receive a refund of what you have paid.

An item's risk exceeds to the buyer when the right of withdrawal (14 days after receipt of the goods) has expired. If the item has been damaged after the buyer has received it, the right of withdrawal is still valid, unless the damage is due to negligence or lack of care on the part of the customer.

We recommend that you choose to keep the original packaging, as the item should be delivered in the original packaging in order for us to confirm the origin.


MENT only offers secure payment solutions from reputable payment providers. If you want to know what personal information we register, you can read about this under " privacy ". If you have other questions regarding security, you can contact post@ment.no.

Return & Claim

Do you want to return an item?

Here's how:

Fill in the lower part of the right of withdrawal form and let us know at post@ment.no no later than 14 days after you received the item. Tell us if you want to exchange the item, credit note or to cancel the purchase.

2. Send the package back to us, the address can be found at the top of the withdrawal form or on our website. Note: If you choose to send the package without a tracking number, you have no rights if the package goes away. We strongly recommend that you send returns with tracking numbers.

3. The item shall be in approximately the same condition and quantity as when you received it. Remember to close the package/bag well with extra tape so that the goods are not damaged during shipping.

See the Consumer Purchase Act or contact us at post@ment.no if you have any questions.

Right of withdrawal

The Right of Withdrawal Act of 21. December No. 105 2000. The consumer may leave the agreement without giving any reason within 14 days after the service provider has fulfilled its duty of disclosure pursuing this. the Right of Withdrawal Act and the goods have been received. The deadline expires no later than 3 months after the goods have been received, or after 1 year if information about the right of withdrawal is not given. The consumer must notify the service provider if the right of withdrawal is used. The deadline is deemed complied with if the notification has been sent by the end of the deadline. There is no form requirement for the report, but this should be in writing for evidence reasons. If the conditions of withdrawal are met, the service provider is obliged to reverse all actual costs charged to the consumer. However, return costs must be borne, unless the service provider has breached the agreement, or the service provider under the agreement has delivered a replacement item, because the ordered item was not available.

Source: Consumer Ombudsman.


If you want to exchange an item purchased in the online store, you must notify us of this to post@ment.no no later than 14 days from when you received the item. Once you have received confirmation that we have the item you want in stock, mark the right of withdrawal form with your contact person and the item you want to exchange for. We will send a confirmation by email when the item has been returned and a new item has been sent.

Note: The item to which it is switched must be the same item, or have the same value. If you want another item, you must exercise your right of withdrawal and make a new order.

If you want to exchange items purchased in the online store, in the physical store, you must bring the withdrawal form and the order confirmation. This assumes that you are within the right of withdrawal period and that the item is in the same condition as when dispatched.

Always contact us at post@men.no before you send the item back, if you want to advertise an item. New or correct item will be sent as soon as possible after we have received the item with errors or defects from you.


Recitation rules:

You must complain within a reasonable time if you discover defects or deficiencies in the item. Contact us by e-mail or telephone and refer to your order number and describe the error or defect. We will evaluate whether the error or defect, falls under the definition of complaint in line with the Purchase Act and case law. If you want a new item, it will be sent at MENT, Styggpent AS Nettbutikk's expense. If you want your money back, you must let us know. You will get your money back within 14 days, from the time we received the item in return.

Complaint – Consumer Act 2002. If the received item has defects or flaws, the buyer may apply a number of actions (e.g. withholding the purchase price, correction, resupply, price reduction, cancellation and compensation) pursuing the Purchase Act, cf. kjl. §§30 flg. However, this assumes that the buyer reacts within certain deadlines. In consumer purchases, the claim deadline is a starting point two years after the buyer received the goods. If the item or part of the goods is intended to last substantially longer than two years, the complaints period is extended to five years. A notice must be given to the seller within a reasonable time after the buyer discovered or should have discovered the defect. No form requirements are made when claiming, but for evidence reasons the notification should be given in writing. It should be stated in the notice (complaint) which deficiencies the buyer wishes to assert. In the event of complaints, the service provider shall bear all costs associated with the purchase, including the expenses for re-transport.

Source: Consumer Ombudsman


You see what variations and colors are left of a product, inside each product page. Once your order is registered, you will receive an order confirmation by email. If you have questions regarding your order, you can contact post@ment.no, remember to mark the e-mail with the order number and subject.

We reserve the right to ensure that the inventory in the online store may contain errors. Of course, if you assume that we are sold out for one or more products in your order, you will not be charged for the item(s) that cannot be delivered.

If you wish to cancel an order/ item, please contact us as soon as possible by phone or email. If the item is already shipped, you must exercise your right of withdrawal.

The expected delivery time is 3-5 days.


VAT of 25% is included in all prices. Persons residing in places that have a VAT exemption must contact post@ment.no regarding this.

There are no fees on your original purchase than stated in the booking confirmation email.

All prices are in Norwegian KRONER.

Card payment

Here's how:

  • Fill in all your information and your address.
  • Select payment with VISA or MasterCard.
  • Fill in the card number, expiration month and year, and the security code on the back of the card (the last three digits of the signature field).
  • Fill in code from code chip, password or similar to complete your purchase with 3D-secure.
  • The amount will be pre-authorized in your account immediately after booking and will not be available on your credit card until the reservation is triggered.
  • The reservation will not be deducted from your credit card until the booking has been processed.
Discount code

If you have a discount code you want to use on ment.no, the code must be added and activated in your «shopping cart».

Unless otherwise stated, the discount code only covers the price of the item you are ordering, not other fees. It is not possible to trade item(s) for lower amounts than the value of the discount code (this applies in cases where the discount is an amount, not at percentage discount).

If you have forgotten to enter your discount code before payment, we are unfortunately unable to change this afterwards.

Customer account creation and update

To create a customer account at ment.no, click on "my account" and "create new account". Fill in contact information and select a password and click "send". You will receive a confirmation of the creation by e-mail. You log in to "my account" with your e-mail address and your chosen password. To update or change account information, log in to "my account" and click on "change" or "manage addresses". Press "save" when the change is completed.


To see pending and / or previously completed orders, log in to "my account". Here you will find an overview of pending and previous orders. On "my account" you can also edit and update contact information such as name, address and the like.

Legal name: Styggpent AS

Org no: 998 823 137