Inspired by the shape and texture of the egg with matte claze on the outside and shiny glaze inside, Krum egg vase can be used as a large bowl, or as a flowerpot for your favourite plant. The egg is also perfect as flower vase, to a single, large monstera leaf or a large bouquet of wild tulips!

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RAUS Eggs are handmade in ceramic and glazed with a matte finish on the outside and a glossy glaze on the inside. It takes 7 days from the time a new egg is cast until it has gone through all the production processes of washing the edges and surfaces, raw firing, glazing and glaze firing. The egg that is speckled on the outside is glazed with a special glaze that reacts with the heat in the kiln, so the speckles are different for each product and no two eggs are exactly the same - just like real eggs!

Product details

Material and size

Material: Ceramics
Size: L 37cm / H 19 cm / W 20 cm

Recommended treatment of product

If you want to use the jug as a vase, we recommend attaching small furniture knobs under the product. This prevents condensation between the product and the surface on which it is placed. Ceramics are burned lower than our porcelain, and are therefore not as strong. We therefore recommend hand washing our ceramic products. Ceramics are fragile and do not withstand hard blows. The material can also crack during thermal shock, ie if sudden temperature differences occur.


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